About Online Video Advertising

In the internet age, whether you’re promoting an act, an event, a brand or a product, comedy video is one of the most effective ways to gain exposure, hits and buy in. ComComedy work quickly and creatively to design bespoke videos and campaigns that meet your requirements.

The internet plays an increasing level of influence in the lives of the UK population. Sourcing information from the internet is now twice as popular as from TV, friends and family, advice from colleagues, information through mail and at least 3 times as popular as via radio or print media.

  • Viral video marketing campaigns increase click through rates by 750%. Source: MarketingExperiments.com
  • Internet users respond more favourably to online video than they do TV advertising
  • U.K. audiences respond to the internet more than any other form of media
  • U.K. online video viewing figures up 37 percent in 2010 compared to 2009
  • 5.5 million videos were viewed online in the UK in February 2011, up 37 percent versus the previous year. Source: comScore

Attitudes to Online Viewing